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Select the following links to access the claims lists for a particular patient.  Search to locate claims within a specific date range or for a specific payer.

Customer Service Questions
Phone: (877) 801-3507
    Prompt: 3
    Health Care Provider

Fax: 888-905-9492

Email: cmc.customer.service@optum.com

Please review our claim inquiry guidelines below.

Customer Service Guidelines

OptumHealth has enhanced its customer service model to streamline your requests for service.  Our Customer Service Call Center is equipped to handle your inquiries, and when necessary, escalate resolution of your request to your Network Services Representative.  Please use the following guidelines and submission methods to have your inquiries tracked for resolution.  Links:

Member Claim Status Fax Template

Claims Status Spreadsheet Template

Patient List - View entire list of patients.

Closed/Rejected Claims - View closed/rejected claims.

Search Claims

To view all your claims, simply click the Search Claims button.

By Patient
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By Date of Service

  See all claims with a beginning or end DOS (Date Of Service) between:
  mm/dd/yyyy mm/dd/yyyy

(Please note that the claim search is limited to 500 records.
The record number can be reduced by adding additional search criteria.)