Optum offers products for complex medical conditions such as:
Chronic Kidney Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Cell and Gene Therapy
Women's Health Services
- Neonatology
- Pregnancy


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The March of Dimes is leading the campaign to reduce premature birth by supporting research and by educating the public and health care providers.



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Neonatal Resource Services

To reduce costs and improve outcomes, Neonatal Resource Services (NRS) provides telephonic case management to help manage NICU cases both inpatient and post-discharge. NRS possesses a dedicated team of specialized and experienced NICU nurse case managers as well as full-time medical directors capable of caring for fragile neonates.

Premature Birth and Neonatal Care Facts

  • More than 480,000 babies are born prematurely each year in the United States -- one out of every eight live births
  • 11.4% of all births are preterm
  • Nearly half of the total costs associated with newborns are related to preterm births
  • One in ten newborns need neonatal care
  • Twins are 56% more likely, and triplets 93% more likely, to be delivered preterm
  • Preterm babies account for 57% of total NICU costs