Optum offers products for complex medical conditions such as:
Chronic Kidney Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Cell and Gene Therapy
Women's Health Services
- Neonatology
- Pregnancy


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ParentSteps: A Step Towards Pregnancy   

Although most Optum services are available through your health care insurance, ParentSteps, our infertility product, can also be purchased by individuals directly.

97% Patient Satisfaction

In a patient satisfaction survey, 97% of our patients said they were satisfied with with their overall health care services. See more survey results.


For Patients

Dealing with a complex medical condition can be overwhelming. Faced with complicated treatment options, critical decisions and sizable medical institutions, you can feel vulnerable and frustrated.

At Optum, we provide the medical information and support you need. We will help you understand your condition and find the best possible health care so you have the best chance for success.

Our Services 

Health Care Provider Recommendations

We can help you select a physician or medical center for your health care treatment.

Educational Information

We provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your care.

Clinical Consulting

Our nurse consultants and case managers answer questions about your health condition and treatment options.