Optum offers products for complex medical conditions such as:
Chronic Kidney Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Women's Health Services
- Neonatology
- Pregnancy


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Education and Information

Chances are, when you or a family member is diagnosed with a complex medical condition, you start to research the condition on the Internet or at your library. Unfortunately, the information you find can be confusing, out of date and unreliable.

Optum provides easy access to reputable, timely information about complex medical conditions. Your case manager will be assigned an Optum account manager to answer your questions and help manage your health care.

The Optum account manager can help you and your case manager answer questions about the following topics:

  •     Your diagnosis and condition
  •     Available treatment options
  •     Recommended health care providers
  •     Travel and lodging
  •     Relevant clinical news and research findings

Ask your employer or insurer if you have access to Optum products and services, and start benefiting from our expertise today.