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Transplant Resource Services: The Centers of Excellence Network

Optum's Clinical Sciences Institute evaluates transplant programs throughout the U.S. Optum only includes transplant programs that meet our strict Centers of Excellence criteria in the Optum Transplant Centers of Excellence Network. We annually re-evaluate programs to ensure the network maintains its standards of care.

Two Transplant Centers of Excellence Networks

Because adults and children have significantly different transplantation needs, Optum developed the Pediatric Transplant Centers of Excellence network. Optum selects programs in the pediatric network according to criteria that reflects the overall volume and unique complexity associated with pediatric transplants.

Network Maps


Evaluation Criteria

Optum selects programs that participate in both the Transplant Centers of Excellence network and the Pediatric Transplant Centers of Excellence Network according to criteria in the following areas: 

  • Transplant Program Outcomes
    • Annual case volume
    • Patient survival
    • Graft survival
  • Transplant Program Structure
    • Program affiliations
    • Program accreditations
    • Program experience
    • Physician experience
  • Transplant Program Process
    • Eligibility criteria
    • Written protocols
    • Clinical trials
    • Peer-reviewed publishing
    • Continuous quality improvement
    • Patient education
    • Caregiver education
    • Information management

Competitive and Cooperative Contracting

Medical centers within the Transplant networks must meet Optum's contracting terms. Rates must provide economic value to Optum clients and be competitive with other network medical centers.


NCQA has reviewed and certified Optum's Credentialing and Utilization Management functions only. Date granted: 7/1/2014. Expiration date: 7/1/2016. For complete details on the scope of this review, visit www.ncqa.org.